Vendor Rules

The Market Coordinator or his/her designee is responsible for enforcing the Vendor Rules. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Booth Space

Booth space (10’ X 10’) is assigned weekly. Vendors may not extend beyond the demarcation of their 10’ x 10’ stall. The Market Coordinator or his/her designee has full authority to re-assign exhibit space if it is necessary to fill in a gap.

Signs and Equipment

Each vendor is required to have a 10X10 EZ UP straight leg tent. All tents must be in working order.

Vendors are responsible for staking/weighing down their own tent with at least 30 lbs. on each tent leg to prevent any potential hazards during windy days. If the vendor does not have enough weight or if the tent is broken, The Market Coordinator or his/her designee will ask the tent to be taken down.

Vendors must supply and remove signs, equipment, and items needed such as tables, chairs, tents etc. All signs may not block traffic or pedestrian ingress or egress, or interfere with other

vendors' display or views. Market Coordinator or his/her designee will have full authority on sign placement.

Vehicles and Trailers

Vehicles or trailers can be utilized as a display or dispensing only with the permission of Market Coordinator. 



Electricity may or may not be available on any given market and may be limited to a certain amount of vendors and an additional electricity fee may be charged at any time to those who choose to use it. Extra fees for electricity will be determined on a weekly basis and will be communicated to the vendor before each market. 

Weather and Market Cancellation

Katy Farmers Market is a rain or shine Market. A vendor will not be refunded any fees or be given a credit if the vendor does not attend a market because of weather conditions or rumor of bad weather conditions. It is the vendors responsibility to decide whether or not they want to reserve a booth at the market in rumor of bad weather conditions. Only the Market Coordinator can authorize to cancel a market. In the event that the Market Coordinator cancels a market, a credit will be given to those who might have prepaid any fees. 

Market Fee and Vendor Cancellation

Fees are determined per market day per each 10’x 10’ space.  All fees and donations paid are final without refund and a fee credit may be granted with the permission of the Market Coordinator. Fees and donations are collected electronically and all market fees paid are final. If a cancellation is made the market coordinator may allow a credit to be given.


Vendors are required to respond to texts from the Market Coordinator on the Thursday before the Saturday Market to confirm their attendance in the market. Failure to notify may result in a loss of booth space and fee credit will not be given. If vendors are tardy, their booth space may be relocated to avoid empty booth spaces.

Only with the permission of the Market Coordinator can a vendor begin an early breakdown without disturbing the other vendors or marketplace. Vendors are responsible for removing all garbage from their stall space area. Each 10’ x 10’ stall space should be left completely clean.


 Vendors must be willing to undergo a site or farm visit.

Produce, prepared food, and artisan crafts to be sold must be made or grown locally.

Pricing of goods at Katy Farmers Market (and any applicable taxes) is the sole responsibility of the vendor. Reasonable pricing is expected from all vendors.

All food products must be sold, displayed, and stored from a surface above the ground. Any vendor found selling contaminated, unfit, prohibited or illegal items will be suspended from selling at Katy Farmers Market and may be asked to leave immediately without refund of vendor fees.


The farmers market bylaws require that 75 percent of all agricultural products sold through the farmers market are grown in Texas. Please contact the Market Coordinator with questions and to obtain prior review and approval to sell produce other than that grown in Texas. Vendors are allowed to sell produce procured from a co-op agreement with another farm. We encourage vendors selling produce to display a sign identifying their agricultural practices according to the following categories:


Conventional grower uses common agricultural practices. They may or may not use chemical or synthetic fertilizers, or synthetic fungicides or pesticides or added hormones. They may be a large or small grower.


Naturally Grown: 

Naturally Grown label is the “grassroots alternative to certified organic”; grower practices organic principals of soil enrichment and is certified by a collection of peers involved with They cannot use synthetic fertilizers or synthetic fungicides or pesticides or added hormones. Certified Naturally Grown farmer reflect a commitment to work within the natural biological cycles that are necessary for a truly sustainable farming system, a system that works in harmony with micro-organisms, soil flora and fauna, plants and animals, to maintain and increase the long-term fertility of soil, leaving it even more vibrant and alive for the next generation of farmers.


Certified Organic:

Certified Organic grower practices strict organic principals of soil enrichment and pest control and is certified either by the state or a third party certification firm that has been approved by the Market Coordinator. They may or may not use natural fertilizer, or synthetic fungicides or pesticides allowed by the law when a natural alternative is not available. Food manufactures only utilize certified organic ingredients following organic labeling requirements. Guidelines are available at



Sustainable growers using the sustainable label pledge to use only organic products and practices; however, the term Organic is not used on their signage since they are not certified. Consumers are advised to ask these growers any questions they may have about their production practices, since it is hard to know how closely organic principles are followed​


No soliciting shall be permitted within the market area. Displays of public interest, such as nutritional, health or consumer information, may be displayed with the permission of the Market Coordinator or his/her designee.

Health Practices

All vendors must wear shirts and shoes. Smoking is not permitted within 30’ from the Katy Farmers Market area. Unlawful drug/alcohol possession will never be tolerated.


Owners or caretakers are responsible for the behavior of their family pet or animal. Owners or caretakers are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their family pets or animals and discarding securely bagged pet droppings. 


Vendors will be expected to represent and positively promote the Katy Farmers Market to customers and other vendors. Issues or concerns regarding the market should be directed to the Market Coordinator.

Any vendor may be suspended from selling by action of the Market Coordinator for failure to comply with the policies and procedures of Katy Farmers Market. Profanity is prohibited at Katy Famers Market. Anyone using profanity or behaving in a less than family friendly manner will be asked to leave the market. 


Katy Farmers Market  supports non-profit organizations in our community. Non-profits will be allowed to exhibit at Katy Farmers Market to handout information regarding their organization. Non-profit will be responsible for their own tent, table, chairs, etc. Non-profits are not allowed to approach customers or enter buildings to distribute information. Informational materials must be kept at the non-profit’s assigned table.